For thousands of years, fish and seafood have been an important and indispensable part of human nutrition. Fish are the source of omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium. It also contains all the essential amino acids and the high quality protein required for the body to function normally ...

On the menu of our restaurant "Porto" you will find meals capable of satisfying all the senses of the greatest food connoisseurs while still giving you the opportunity to eat healthy.

“Porto” appetizer

Njegushi smoked ham

Squid salad

Tatar sauce with tuna and truffles

Salad with prawns and octopus

Caesar salad

Seafood salad

Octopus salad

Salmon carpaccio

Fish soup

Veal soup

Potage / Soup of the day

Tomato soup

Black risotto

Seafood risotto

Risotto with prawns

Grilled octopus

Black pasta with shrimps

Penne “Arabiata”

Tagliatelle with beefsteak

Spaghetti with seafood

Spaghetti with prawns

Baked octopus with vegetables for 2 persons

Baked prawns with vegetables for 2 persons

Grilled vegetables

Fish extra class and 1st class

Baked fish with vegetables

Fish 2nd class

Seafood sampler “PORTO” for 2 people

Tuna steak

Fish plate “Porto”

Fish Fillet "Menier"

Grilled squids

Breaded squids

Stuffed squids with prawns

Stuffed squids

Prawns to order

Mussels to order

Clams (to order)

Sea shell mix

Specialities “Porto” for 2 people

Beef steak

Pepper Steak

Njegushi-style steak

Veal fillet

Pork Medallions with peanuts sauce

Chicken Breasts with gorgonzola

Turkey in carry sauce

Mushroom sauce

Тruffle sauce

Sauce “Gorgonzola”

Greek salad

Shopska - mix salad with cheese

Tomato salad

Cabbage salad

Seasonal salad mix

Njegushi cheese

Cheese in oil

Goat cheese ‘’Monte Goat’’

Cow cheese

Mix of cheeses

Apple cake „Broš“

Тhree milk cake – „Tres Leches“

Roman Pie

Cream pie


Ice cream

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